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Looking to perfect the sound of your latest project? Well meet us. We like to make things sound great... Really great. Kalikoe Sound & Music provides extensive audio services for music and post audio applications. Whether your project is small or on a larger scale, great! Let's work together.


Get in touch with us about your latest projects! We will gladly offer you information on pricing, project evaluation, timelines to completion and any other questions you may have in mind! Allow us to enhance your project with our creative approach to audio production.


Our collaborative process implements your aspirations alongside our innovative skill set to produce great results in a timely and efficient manner. The aspects of production are essentially recording, editing, mixing & mastering for broadcast. We also love to compose and produce music!

Project Delivery

Upon completion, your project can be delivered in a convenient fashion via e-mail, dropbox and/or in physical copies. Why make it any harder than it needs to be to get your project to you? Time is of the essence, get your finished product out there!

Post Audio & Music Production
Audio Mixing & Mastering
Dialogue Editing & Music Editing
Recording Services
Digital Audio Restoration Services
Musical Composition/Scoring

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

Check back often, we're always hard at work on various projects.

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Let's talk about your project! Questions? Concerns? We'll evaluate your needs and develop a solution specific to your project's requirements. Contact us today!

Post Audio &
Music Production

Your project requires the perfect blend of creative and technical services. Let us help! Whether it's finalizing the mix for your film or finishing that song you can't seem to wrap up, we have you covered! Our vast range of audio & music services will be sure to assist you with whatever you require for your next work of art.

Musical Composition/Scoring

Having the right musical structure and form can achieve a set of desired emotions for your audience. Perhaps that love scene needs a weeping string section combined with dramatic piano chords to establish a sense of longing and desire. Maybe that action scene needs a fast paced drum rhythm to build anticipation and intensity. Our songwriting services are specific to your creative aspirations and competitive in rate.

Recording Services
(Music/Voice Over/Location)

Need to track some guitars or vocals for that record you've been working on? Does that dialogue in your video need to be replaced? No problem. At all. We offer competitive recording rates for music, ADR & voice overs. With access to some of the best studios in the city, we're sure we can find the right spot for you!

Dialogue Editing &
Music Editing

Knowing when (and how) to select and assemble elements in a creative, professional fashion is a crucial part to your projects final outcome. It could be cutting out or suppressing some unwanted noise, building up a scene that requires a bundle of SFX, time/pitch correcting your musical performances, or simply cleaning up your recorded dialogue.

Audio Mixing & Mastering

It all comes down to this... Getting the best possible balance and definition for your project while maintaining commercial loudness, clarity and uniqueness. We offer mixing and mastering as a joint package or separately based on budget and timelines. Have any inquiries? Contact us!


Nathaniel Smith

President/Re-Recording Mixer/Producer


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